Statutory Compliances

We provide you exceptional statutory compliance services so that you can effectively record, maintain and comply with various statutory rules and regulations on time and as per required format including Income Tax & TDS, Sales & VAT Tax, Professional Tax Returns, PF & ESI Returns, Annual Financial Returns and Performance Returns. We have dedicated team of experts and proven experts and systems helping you generate many statutory reports including Balance Sheet and Income Statements as per Schedule VI, Financial Statement reports in user-defined format RG 23A Part I & II, RG 23C Part I&II, RG23D, Daily stock account, ER1 and ARE1 forms. We also help you extract data and generate reports from Sales register, Purchase Register, VAT Register, Service Tax Register, and TDS Register for meeting your regulatory requirements diligently.
At My Office Accountant we always see that various taxes are paid and returns are filled on time for all our clients. For this we give prior reminders before the due dates and shall help you at all the levels for complying with the requirements of Income Tax Act. We shall help you in computing the tax amounts, required to be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. We shall also help in filing the returns and filling the same with the department. Our Services Cover:

Income Tax Returns

Every responsible business or an individual need to file their income returns with the respective Income Tax Department annually. It is a statement of your earnings from various sources of income, tax liability thereon, details of tax paid and any refunds that have to be given by the Income tax Department. In this segment, let' us analyze how the individual tax payer need to file Income Tax Returns.

Indian Government mandates that individuals who earn a specified amount of annual income must file returns according to the prevailing tax slab within a pre-determined due date. Failure to do so may attract penalties from the Income Tax Department. Also be noted that those who earn less than the prescribed amount can file returns voluntarily.

For an individual tax payer, the deadline to furnish these details is after four months from end of the financial year so that taxpayers have sufficient time to aggregate the data for the whole year and report accurately and in time to the government. Our exclusive IT Return professionals help you comprehensively and precisely compute and file your IT returns on time and every time.

Adhere effectively to the needs of ever changing compliance norms, rising number of notifications and amendments and increased vigilance through our collective statutory compliance services and remain legally 100% complaint.