Secretarial Services

The role of a company secretary is pivotal to an organization and it may vary company to company depending upon the nature and size of the business. Crucial to effective administration and compliance to various rules and regulations of the prevailing land, a company secretary's service is indispensible, evermore in today's challenging business landscape.
Often mistaken as a role that needs maintaining and filing the correct forms and providing legal advices, the company secretary's services are at the heart of how a company is run effectively involving transparent disclosure of information to investors/ shareholders, directors/ stakeholders, and respective regulatory bodies and effective compliance of corporations laws.
My Office Accountant provides top notch company secretarial services and support customized to your need, size, complexity and the nature of your business. Whether you are small, mid-sized or large business, we provide you end to end company secretarial duties, which can be outsourced to your convenience.

ROC Filings and Annual Returns and Financial Statements

We at My Office Accountant help you in filling various forms and notices required at the Ministry of Company Affairs for registering the particulars of charge with the ROC of your company. As per section 92, of the companies act 2013, every company having a share capital shall , within 60 days from the date of each annual general meeting file its annual return with the ROC under e form 20 B. As a part of Annual e Filing, Companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 are required to e file the following documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)

Particulars Criteria/ Basic Information
Balance-Sheet & Profit & Loss account  Form AOC 4 to be filed by all Companies
Annual Return Form MGT 7 to be filed by all Companies.