Secretarial Services

The role of a company secretary is pivotal to an organization and it may vary company to company depending upon the nature and size of the business. Crucial to effective administration and compliance to various rules and regulations of the prevailing land, a company secretary's service is indispensible, evermore in today's challenging business landscape.
Often mistaken as a role that needs maintaining and filing the correct forms and providing legal advices, the company secretary's services are at the heart of how a company is run effectively involving transparent disclosure of information to investors/ shareholders, directors/ stakeholders, and respective regulatory bodies and effective compliance of corporations laws.
My Office Accountant provides top notch company secretarial services and support customized to your need, size, complexity and the nature of your business. Whether you are small, mid-sized or large business, we provide you end to end company secretarial duties, which can be outsourced to your convenience.

Compliances with respect to Various Changes

Change in Registered Offices While incorporating a new company or while changing the registered office of a company, e-Form INC- 22 has to be filled with the ROC. You need to have the following documents in order to do so:

  • Proof of the registered office
  • No objection certificate from directors
  • A proof that the company is permitted to use the address for its office

We can effectively help you file the above mentioned various forms and other notices required at the Ministry of Company Affairs for changing the registered address of your company.

Auditor Appointment Formalities

Appointing Auditors require extensive formalities. We at My Office Accountant can help you effectively comply with the various formalities and procedures involved covering:

  • Intimate the proposed auditor (s) regarding the intention of appointing him/ they as auditor (s) and ask whether he/ they is/are eligible to be appointed as auditor of the company.
  • Obtain consent & certificate from auditor
  • If audit committee required to be constituted under section 177, then obtain its recommendation ( Section 139 (11))
  • Call Board Meeting
  • Approve the appointment of auditor at the first Board Meeting
  • Intimates the auditor and file with ROC form ADT -1 ( to be attached in form GNL-2 as per MCA Circular 09/2012 dated 25th April, 2014) within 15 days

Changes in Directors (Appointments/Resignations)

The Memorandum of Incorporation ( MOC) determines the minimum number of directors and alternate directors, which in the case of a private company may not be less than one director. In the case of a standard MOI, the term of office is indefinite and there is no restriction on the number of directors. New directors may be elected by the Board of Directors when there is a vacancy or the company wishes to add directors. A director may be removed by:

  • An ordinary resolution adopted at a shareholder’s meeting by the persons entitled to exercise voting rights
  • A resolution of the board
  • An order of the court confirming the resolution of the board or removing the director from office if t he court is satisfied that the director is ineligible or disqualified, in capacitated or has been negligent or derelict
  • A director may be appointed by the Board of Directors, unless the Memorandum requires shareholder approval.

At My Office Accountant we help you in filling various forms and notices required at the Ministry of Company Affairs for appointing or removing the director of your company

Alteration of Share Capital

We can help you successfully alter your share capital by making your desired changes by filling respective forms and notices at the Ministry of Company Affairs: The procedures include:

  • Authorization in Article is must for increase
  • Calling of Board Meeting
  • Issue Notice if the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting ( EGM)
  • Hold the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)
  • ROC Form filing
  • Notice to be given to Registrar for Alteration of Share Capital