Audit & Risk Advisory

Successfully running business operations in this demanding business environment is a herculean task. From the global financial crisis to the bankruptcy statements of huge corporate, rise of cybercrimes to changing business dynamics, the importance of identifying threats and taking swift corrective and appropriate responses cannot be overlooked. In this scenario, the need for internal audit and risk advisory services are paramount:
Our main objective is to provide the top management, audit committee, head of operations, , etc of your organization with a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of your existing processes covering all the key functions, thereby mitigating risks and threats at an early stage while suggesting areas for improvement and value-addition simultaneously.
Our comprehensive Audit & Risk Advisory Processes ensures
• Operations effectiveness
• Reliable financial reporting
• Compliance with various statutory norms and regulations

Concurrent Audit

My Office Account offers Concurrent Audit services as a source of independent assurance and report for various control, risk and avoid frauds. Our teams work in following areas of audit.

  • Examining books of accounts records and registers to ensure that they are maintained in accordance with the prescribed systems.
  • Ensuring compliance of laid down systems, procedures and policies.
  • Ensuring that adequate measures are being taken in advance to prevent future frauds, etc., to avoid difficulties, which may arise.
  • Checking cash, securities etc. to ensure that they are in due order and in agreement with books and also to proactively detect and arrest leakage of income, if any
  • Evaluating the quality of customer services provided and giving useful suggestions.
  • Assessing overall performance of the branch while assessing productivity and profitability and to offer useful comments on the basis of audit conducted. Restriction of matter discussed on the spot with the help of concerned official.
  • Reporting any inefficiency in any operational level.
  • Reporting any irregularity in working which may result in financial or other loss to branch
  • Facilitating appropriate levels of management for appropriate actions for remedial measures.
  • Scrutinizing the completeness of documents submitted for availing advances and other facilities and physical checking of stocks and other assets at relevant places.
  • Following with authorities to ensure timely rectification of irregularities reported which were not rectified on the spot.
  • Verifying prompt timely and regular submission of the periodical and statutory returns.