Audit &Risk Advisory



Internal Audit

Internal Audit has always been one of the cornerstones of good corporate governance. However, [Read more]


Concurrent Audit

My Office Account offers Concurrent Audit services as a source of independent [Read more]


Management Audit

Management Audit is an assessment of methods and policies [Read more]


Investigation Audit

Investigation involves inquiry into facts behind the books and accounts, into the technical [Read more]


Reconciliation Audit

In accounting parlance, the process used to compare two sets of records to ensure  [Read more]


Standard Operating

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are the documented processes that a company  [Read more]


Physical Verification

Physical verification of inventories is an important part of the company's internal controls [Read more]


Risk Advisory

The language of risk has become main stream in today's business environment; whether you are a global [Read more]